Location: Underway to the Marquesas

The itsy bitsy spider may have made it onto Argo, but today’s rain washed him out to sea, as is consistent with passage life. The day ‘began’ at noon, although most everybody was either on watch, working on meals in the galley, hanging out, or studying (not too much, mom – I promise!). The rain had been a fickle companion since yesterday evening, with some watches being mostly dry and others getting completely soaked. Fortunately, we had a dry lunch of falafel, made by our fabulous chef team of Alexa, David B., and Jack. (It should be noted that, despite both evidence to the contrary and popular belief, Jack did not eat that squid but has consumed a minuscule flying fish found on deck).

As soon as cleanup began, the rain began to pour. Rivulets were streaming down masts, companionway hatches, legs, arms, and faces. Very few were spared, and most everyone ended up damp. While we can’t say for sure if it was a coincidence, our day of heaviest rainfall on Argo also coincided with the fastest dishwashing crew on record. How peculiar…

After lunch, there were two classes: Marine biology, where we reviewed for our exam on Thursday, and Leadership, with both a quiz and lively group discussion that ended, as they always do, at some very strange topics of conversation. Showers followed lunch, although not the type that many of us had intended. A squall blew in, and the wind shifted around, so we had to do some quick sail handling. Dressed in full foulies or some in swimsuits, we set about lowering the main and jibs while sheeting out the main and forward staysails. Ian, David B., and I were fortunate to be able to go onto the bowsprit during the squall (all clipped in, I assure you) to secure the jib. Many were soaked inside and out.

Thankfully dinner was some comfort food from childhood: chicken nuggets and mac and cheese, something Ian was especially appreciated of. While we still have a supply of fresh fruit and veggies, it’s finally setting in that in a week or two. Those fresh provisions will be gone. Salad, you will be missed. As the rain had let up by the time dinner had begun, the meal was a lively affair. Tonight’s squeeze question was a throwback to high school English class, with a question about everyone’s favorite tropes in books, movies, or other forms of media. Answers ranged from the kiss in the rain from a rom-com to car chase sequences in heist movies.

With the sun long since set and the sky already dark grey, it is time to draw this blog to a close. For myself, watch starts in several minutes. I must then make sure to structure my time between sleep, preparing for my marine biology exam, finishing the second marine biology essay, preparing for the third oceanography quiz, and of course, getting sleep. I want to send out a sincere thanks to everyone who is following the blog. Right now, this is our only form of communication to the outside world, and we sincerely appreciate all of you being along with us for this journey. You’ll hear back from me in 24 days. Until then, goodbye!

Pictured: Argo in a squall, Bianca, Brittany, and Ian at the helm, and dinner.

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