Location: Underway to the Marquesas

Watch team three on duty at 04:00, wake-ups at 03:30. At the witching hour, we all received a familiar wakeup: “It’s time to get up. It’s been raining pretty hard, so I’d put your foulies on.” Sluggishly, our watch team came together at midships in full foul weather gear. We all had a similar question on our minds…”Where’s the rain?” It just so happened that all the rain had died off right before watch team three was on duty. A testament to our good fortune, I figured. Following a quick brief, each of us went to our stations to relieve watch team two and begin our little 4 hour WT3 journey through the blustery Pacific. Not but 20 minutes into our watch, we began to feel a slight drizzle through our thick rain gear. Nothing much, nice and refreshing, I thought. Minutes later, we were being drenched in heaps of cool, fresh rain. The rain may have seemed inconvenient at first, but it served as a great way to keep everyone awake and alert on watch at such an early hour of the morning. Our team was a bit annoyed at this recent meteorological development, though, with time, it became a bit more endearing. You couldn’t stay mad at the rain for more than a few minutes. Yes, it was pouring down on us. Yes, it was a bit cold. Yes, it was soaking through our rain gear. Yes, it was epic. There’s just nothing quite as neat as being on the helm of a 112-foot schooner at four in the morning in the middle of a nice rainy squall a textbook definition of fantasmagorical.

As our watch came to an end, so did the rain. Each of us went down below and fell asleep while WT1 took our place on deck. I cannot speak for everyone else’s morning, but I can speak for my own. It was lovely a bit of reading, a bit of studying, and a whole bunch of sleep. At noon the whole crew of Argo came up on deck for a tasty lunch of homemade naan bread and hummus followed by cleanup and classes. Somewhere in between lunch and classes, the crew received a much-awaited gift, the full sun! Finally, all of our soggy towels and soaked rain gear had a chance to dry in the near-equatorial sun. With a sense of renewed, sun-fueled energy, we headed into saltwater deck showers and back into watch schedule until dinner. Amy graced us with a fantastic pizza dinner at 18:00 and then…more watch shifts! Betcha didn’t see that one coming 😉 Passage life is all about routine. Without a set routine like ours, I imagine a 21-day passage might make us all go crazy.

Pictured from left to right: Everyone’s happy for the first rays of sunshine! – Chartwork for our Seamanship course. – My view from a nice sunny bow watch.

Current position:
6*22.48′ S
107*06.39′ W