Location: Underway to the Marquesas

Our day began with bright and early with wake ups at 6am. We were all on the dock by 7am for our tour of Santa Cruz. The first thing we did was go to see huge craters. The craters were from the magma causing the land to sink. We took a bunch of awkward family photos and then headed to the lava tubes. Outside the lava tubes there was a tortoise we just had to take pictures with. Ashley about had a meltdown when she saw it. She seems to like turtles a lot! At first the lights weren’t working and we just had to hold hands and hope the person in front knew where they were going. After a few minutes the lights came back on and we could see all of the lava tube. The lava tubes were huge and awesome! After that we headed to see some tortoises and hope to get some good photos with them. We split into two groups to try and find some tortoises. They are pretty large and hard to miss. We found one and took turns taking pictures with him. After walking around for about an hour we ate lunch and headed into town for some free time. Some people bought last minute snacks or Wifi while some did laundry and relaxed. Everyone was back on the boat by 430-5 for deck showers, passage prep then dinner. Our new watch teams start at 8pm and we’re off for our ocean passage to Marquesas! -Your Favorite Skipper, Anna McBee