Location: Santa Cruz, Galapagos

Today we finally did what was the highlight of the trip for many and that was to scuba dive in the Galapagos. We were split into two groups for the day with one group going out in the morning and the other following in the afternoon. The morning group was up bright and early at 5AM so we could get to the dive site near the neighboring island of Baltra a 45 min bus ride and 20min boat ride away. The first dive was at a site called “Islote Mosquera” and was a drift dive as the currents here are incredibly strong. Initially the dive started off with the usual small reef fish, starfish and fields of garden eels. Midway through the dive we spotted a hammer head shark lurking 30 feet away which was followed by Galapagos sharks, white tip sharks, black tip sharks and rays. After a short break we were in for our second dive at a site called “North Seymour” just around the bend with no stoppage of the amount of sharks and the occasional sea turtle and ray. At one point a group of six of us were holding onto rocks all together fighting the current to watch a school of two white tip sharks ten to fifteen feet from us. After surfacing and heading back the captain of the dive boat took us right by where two Orca whales were hunting for fish just off the rocks, a rarity even in the Galapagos. Once back at the dock the afternoon group headed out while the morning group went into town to explore, grab food and find internet. The afternoon group before heading out to the dive site had shore time in the morning with a few people going to “the cliffs” to partake in some cliff jumping into the clear blue waters below. All in all if we have to leave tomorrow we will have all appreciated the great things we have been able to see so far.