Location: Pain a Sucre, Les Saintes

Bon Jour from the Saints! For most of us on board we started the day at 5 am to do a sunrise hike. The hike was up to an old fort from the 1800s overlooking the harbor. After pictures and some trail mix we made the hike back to Argo. After breakfast we had a full day of activities including a navigation dive, head talk, and academics. After we discussed the heads (bathrooms for all you non sailors) and how to unclog them the advanced dive groups went for a navigation dive. While they dove everyone else caught up on work and studying. After lunch we had science labs and “dinghy skool” to teach us how to operate one of our dinghy’s named Smoke. It was a wet lesson all around but very informative and important. Science labs were done to introduce us to the equipment on board and make us think about our research projects. Today was Argo’s first ever turtle appreciation day, for all my friends and family: everyone on board knows my obsession! The activities for turtle day were to wear green and think about turtles whenever possible, a very easy holiday, which will happen every 26 days while I am on board. That’s all for now until next turtle appreciation day! -Ashley Tomasello, the Best Skipper of the Day