Location: Tabago Cays, SVG

*Warning* This blog has been filled to the top with sarcasm for comical effect. Please read at your own risk, and think of it more as a fiction piece. Also, no one was harmed in the making of this blog. Also, I’m having a blast.

Another day on Ocean Star, another turt snork.

Today I, unfortunately, woke up two minutes late, the horror. I quickly got out of bed and got everyone else up. We then went straight into Fish ID review with Amanda. Breakfast was some amazing homemade yogurt made by the chefs’ Mia, Rachel, and Sunny. After breakfast came the dreadful, horrible, evil ten-question Fish ID quiz. Was an absolute nightmare. Kelly, Sarah, and Sunny were sobbing, Rae and Brett threw up from the idea of an A-, Alex jumped overboard – it was so stressful – and the rest of us just stared at the wall contemplating life. After that…experience, we had the amazing opportunity to learn about something completely life-changing in Marine Bio – it was so amazing I can’t even remember it. Then we discussed our lit review projects and covid test – which was nice because we finally had time to do homework because we never, never, have time to do homework, and we have tons: so much homework, just never-ending. Next, we got to watch EFR videos that were an hour and forty minutes of absolutely stellar acting – it was groundbreaking. However, as amazing as that video was, it was an hour and forty minutes. I could have been watching something more beneficial, something known as Surf’s Up, which is about penguins surfing, which is obviously far more important and educational than learning about CPR and First Aid.

Lunch then happened, just like that, and it was some fantastic hamburgers and fries? Not sure, but it was mind-blowing. Oh, there were toasted buns which were amazing. We then split into two groups – where the first group went snorkeling first and the second enjoyed a nice cup of Seamanship. The first group was my group and man did we have a trip. We thought everything was good, as the sun was out and the wind wasn’t trying to throw someone overboard, but things took a turn for the worse when we reached the beach. Massive black clouds rolled in, and Fizz, Ela, and Sierra were fighting against humungous waves so bad it knocked Brett’s Go-Pro from Fizz’s hand, and being the born hero she is, Ela went after it. But the storm was just too intense, and her baby fins were just utterly useless. Savannah and I rushed in to help. We got Sierra and Fizz to Brett and Isaac, who performed that useless CPR we just learned earlier. We then rushed back out for Ela and just barely saved her. We brought her to shore and again performed that ridiculous CPR stuff, and when she came to, she thrust up her hand, and in a tight grip, she held….a plastic bottle. Not the Go-Pro. The bottle is a great thought for Isaac, Brett, Savannah, and I as our research is about trash. Anyways, being exhausted, we swam back to the boat, and right as we were about to board, we heard a large splash and yelp. Brett was being attacked by an evil sea turtle. Isaac, with his quick thinking – and previous experience with wild and evil animals – swam back and scared the turtle off with just a murderous glare. Isaac then calmed down a hysterical Brett.

While this was going on, Savannah was just enjoying her time in the water when she noticed something below the boat. Not telling anyone, she dove down to investigate. On the surface, I, being skipper, took charge and got everyone to at the very least get on the boat. We all boarded, and slowly everyone began to calm down when we heard a thud and then scraping noise. A hand then shot over the rail of the boat. Everyone gasped, eyes wide in horror, and jumped back. Up came someone with blonde hair and fair skin in an orange bikini suit…it’s Savannah. Never would have guessed that. She coughs up water and throws her hair out of her face, and reveals a smile. She found the Go-Pro! Apparently, she had to pry it from the cold clutches of a starfish, and then she had to outswim a sting ray she accidentally kicked.

The first group then takes a minute or two to regroup and then showers and somehow manages to sit through learning about navigating a map, which is far harder than necessary, taught by Captain Fantastic. While that was happening, the other group had gone snorkeling and had somehow found a tiki bar on the completely deserted beach, and they ended up having an amazing time on the beach.

Dinner that night was grilled cheese, and it was great. We did squeeze, and the question was, what movie, book, and/or character do you find underrated?

After dinner, we had clean up, where I obviously got this done that night and not two days later, and played my music because I have amazing taste in music. Then we had mid-semester check-ins. That was…very eventful after today.

Anyways, have a good night, O Star family and friends.

Signing out,
Mackenzie Clark

Rae stealing her sixth grilled cheese before dinner
Fizz getting ready to shave Kelly’s head + action shot
An amazing shot of Ela
Alex and Fizz twinning – a shortie always needs a tall friend
Alex stealing Ela’s camera to get a dramatic shot with sunset in the back