Location: Port St. Charles, Barbados

Today on Argo we would like you to know,
That we, as a team, are still living the dream.

We have bonded so well as weve tackled the swell,
And now were on land; its diving thats planned!

This morning we had eggs to prepare those sea legs,
For an underwater world that was soon to be unfurled.

Videos were seen, by the open water seventeen,
While the certified tribe explored the island vibe.

But before they could go, theirknowledge had to show,
The shipmates did their best when they took their seamanship test.

As the afternoon came about, excited voices began to shout,
It was soon to be that time, where the diving team was in their prime.

Masks were defogged, and ears were unclogged,
As wetsuits were squeezed on, and tanks weighed a ton!

In the water, we went, and we knew how not to get bent,
As we as the teachers taught them all the safety procedures.

We taught them the skills, and they felt like they had gills,
As we all swam around, over the sand mound.

We got back to the boat, which was still sitting afloat,
To see the other crew and the line of land shoe.

We had a salad with dinner, always a winner
Then we washed our pots; we always have lots

As evening drew on, we reviewed quizzes one-by-one
And today the shipmates began to see, underwater is where they want to be!