Location: Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Today was a wonderful day for everybody on Argo. We started the day with a beautiful sunrise and a nice breakfast of oatmeal. Soon after breakfast, everybody scrambled to get ready to go underway to Bora Bora. After sails were raised, we started our very windy journey on the somewhat bumpy waves. We had a few seasick people, but after some seasick crackers, we were all set. We also encountered another boat (almost as cool as Agro, but not quite) that was taking pictures of us at the same time we were taking pictures of them. With Bora Bora getting closer and closer every minute, we all got excited about what would await us at our destination. The sail was an amazing experience, especially for the new people on board who haven’t done anything like this. After the sail, there was a bit of downtime, and people were able to catch up on sleep and work on their Marine Bio essays. Everybody took their ocean shower, even though some were a bit reluctant due to the wind, and then we all got ready to sit down to an amazing meal of chicken and vegetables. Tune in tomorrow to see what is in store next!!

Shoutout to my family and Doug, Julia, Sophie, and Maddie!!!!!!!