Location: Rodney Bay, St. Lucia

Hello all! Today the Ocean Star crew woke up to an amazing french toast breakfast made by Grace, Maria, and Joel. After breakfast, the crew got ready for a rainforest hike excursion! We were taught about the nature surrounding us, the wildlife that lives there, and the things that we weren’t supposed to eat after almost eating it. Max camouflaged himself in a substantial amount of mud, which he was then told an hour later would probably give him a rash. Once at the top, stick sword fights and pole climbing photo ops were more than abundant. And after our trek back down, we INHALED Unigiri lunch, also made by Grace, who stayed well past her bedtime to make it possible to take a delicious lunch on our hike. We headed back to Ocean Star, and we stopped at the first grocery store anyone has seen in a long time. Everyone stocked up on their favorite foods and then proceeded to hide them in various locations to prevent thievery. We all took well-needed naps, attending class where we learned about waves and how the tide works. Afterward, the crew ate a hearty meal consisting of potatoes, cheesy french fries, and chickpea salad! To end off our amazing day, we had our dinner together and talked about the real issues, like who we would choose by our side in a zombie apocalypse! All in all, another great day with great people aboard the ship!

Yeehaw! Shoutout to Dylon, Dad, Casyn, and Mom! Love and miss you guys.
– Jaden C.