Location: Gorda Sound, Virgin Gorda, BVI

It’s been another busy day aboard Argo. After a breakfast of bacon and eggs, we jumped right into a Marine Biology class on estuaries and mangroves. It just so happened that we were close to some mangroves, so we got to see what we learned in class up close by snorkeling. Only on Argo can you see what you’ve learned in class up close and personal just 5 minutes later! After the snorkeling, we learned about Dive Tables, another important step for the people working towards their Open Water Diving Certification, and a good review for those who already have completed it. Immediately after that, we had a lunch of hot dogs and salad and then had MTE class. In MTE class, we learned about the points of sail and various names for parts of a sailboat. Again, we got to apply our knowledge after we took out a couple of Hobie Cats and a Rhodes 19. We were able to sail around Argo from 2-5, my personal favorite part of the journey so far. It’s nice to be finally sailing, even if it isn’t on Argo! Finally, we relaxed for a little bit and then ate dinner, Sloppy Joes. Tonight we have our first night out on Saba Rock, which promises hammocks, brownie sundaes, and WiFi, 3 of my favorite things. -Ford Bohrmann, skippah of the day