Location: Colon, Panama

Tonight is our last night of luxury. Hot showers, flushing toilets, 8 hours of sleep, and Wi-Fi up on deck will be alien to us until we dock again in Tahiti 54 days from now. As we transit the Panama Canal tomorrow, our adventure will take a new turn. Many students decided to take a lazy day, taking advantage of the marina’s internet, pool, air conditioning, and restrooms. Argo’s adventurous inhabitants decided to spend the morning hunting the common sloth but found only howler monkeys, much to their chagrin. After a humid but scenic two-hour walk, they arrived at Fort San Lorenzo (which I’ve been told is a perfect place for a game of capture the flag). The fort is fairly large and covered in foliage, with antique cannons lining its perimeter. Argo’s alternative residents sat in air-conditioned rooms on comfortable couches, reading, studying, and socializing in the marina lounge. After dinner and class, I imagine we will savor our final showers and miscellaneous marina perks, pampering ourselves before we begin our crossing into the cold, Pacific waters. This is Skipper Pati-o signing out. See you on the flip side.