Location: 87 miles NW of Columbia

So here we are; gum shields are in, seat belts firmly fastened, and buttocks reassuringly clenched as we cruise downwind towards the San Blas. The day dawned with a cool 20-25 knots and a following solid sea which has quite frankly treated us to a truly stellar sleigh ride downwind. Dinner time was punctuated with our usual cordial chatter (“WOAH SEEEND IT!” “HOW FAST WAS THAT?!” “LOOK AT THIS ONE!” (in reference to the behemoth sea state that we’re currently being treated to)), all thanks to Amanda, Alex, and Kai’s truly heroic showing in the galley today – undaunted by cutlery and crockery apparently immune to the combined forces of friction and inertia as it scattered throughout the galley and salon.

In amongst all the action above decks, the day was also punctuated by leadership class with chess grandmaster Ian, studying inclusive leadership and the hazards that its opposite entails, and marine biology with Amy, in which marine populations, ecosystems, and niches were covered. Then, perfectly on cue, as everyone came up on deck for showers, we were met with two pods of dolphins surfing down the swell a boat length off the stern.

Now a watchful eye will often notice the apparent absence of almost anything while we’re on passage. Having said that it is a truly incredible place to be when we get these privileged glimpses of the abundance here. Pods of dolphins, wandering seabirds hundreds of miles offshore, and the most spectacular night skies, make these offshore passages a pleasure to be a part of. Speaking of which, the trip log rolled over 1000 nautical miles earlier today, in itself no mean feat and a real tribute to how far everyone has come thus far.

12* 44.57′ N x 73*51.32’W

Pictured: the crew at dinner, a chefs view of the Colombian Basin.